About Coyote Call Campout

Founders Audra Cabral and Stephanie Sunker pictured here at Outfit Brewing Dallas, TX.


We felt Texas needed a women’s moto campout experience. For one, because it’s Texas…..and, well, very centrally located for all. But also, we wanted an experience that doesn’t involve politics, group drama or status. This is about women from all walks of life coming together to have a rad time, Texas style. With the help of Law Tigers Dallas, Audra and Stephanie were connected and realized they were both driven to make this experience finally come to life!

Expect the unexpected. This Coyote Call Campout isn’t meant to be compared to all other moto campouts. This is meant to be a unique experience and we hope you love the simplicity of it all. Unplug if you desire. Or take a million pictures for your social media. We welcome it all.

Why Coyote Call?

Native Americans saw the coyote as both a savior and a villain, depending on the circumstance. We value the coyote as a power animal. Smart, instinctual, flexible and highly adaptable. The coyote power animal reminds you to make the best of whatever your situation you find yourself in. Even when you may feel you are completely out of your element, the coyote power animal can help you thrive. Whether you’re going through life changes, entering a new situation or environment, life’s responsibilities have gotten you bogged down or just need to remember to not take life too seriously…. we invite you to answer the Coyote’s Call and just let loose with like minded women during the Coyote Call Campout Moto Experience. It may sound a bit hokey, but we hope you can relate to some of what we are sharing.

-Audra and Stephanie